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Market and Labour Assessment Forthe GBV Integrated Wash Emergency Response to IDPs.


Consulting firms/individual consultants are invited to submit aproposal for market and labour assessment in the target areas to analysis the market approaching and techniques for the suvivors to purchase required raw materials and sell the products


NCA, AWEC and AWSDC signed a partnership agreement on August 10,2020 for an emergency response project in provinces of Badakhshan and Kunduz.  The response aims to save lives, alleviate poverty and protect human dignity by, by providing integrated multi-sector emergency response to IDPs affected by conflict and natural disasters. Around23,620 people will receive humanitarian assistance through nutrition-sensitive WASH services and protection against SGBV. The protection component provides case management and psychosocial support to women and girls and raises awareness issues related to safety and laws and regulations that safeguard women and girls. It will support survivor women and girls to economically support and empower themselves. The proposed integrated modalities address the acute needs of the target population in a rights-holder-centric response. The response will work with host and IDP communities, ensuring equal participation and non-discrimination. Target groups will be actively involved in implementation, incorporating a Do No Harm (DNH) and a rights-based approach. Adherence to humanitarian principles, women’s rights and gender equality will be mainstreamed throughout the project.


Close Date: 26-05-2021

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